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Listen to the positive message of YES FM on 89.3, 88.5, online at, or on one of our three music apps. Whether its our signature R&B, Rap and Rock, Classic Timeless Beats, or 24/7 Worship we have the music to keep you focused on Jesus!


I say “YES” to YES FM because God Almighty is clearly reaching my heart and many others through this ministry. It is also a great way for me to share the awesomeness of God’s many messengers with people that would never hear it otherwise.

Robert- Crouse, North Carolina

I listen to YES FM first and foremost because at 46 years old I love the music, but I also always have a car full of kids so I want them fed anyway I can. Sometimes my daughter will want “her” station and I say sure go ahead because I know I’ll be changing it back to mine in about 2 minutes because they’ll end up saying something inappropriate.

Jen- Fremont, Ohio

Why do I say “YES” to YES FM... the music is a given, but to be honest I say “YES” to YES FM because of the DJs. They arepersonable, they are there when I call or text. I personally know they have prayed for me. We’ve had talks during songs and that’s whyI say “YES” to YES FM!

Josh- Wauseon, Ohio

I say “YES” to YES FM because it sets my mind on Jesus before work, helps me shed any bad attitudes on the way home and prepares my heart for worship on Sunday mornings!!

Jackie- Perrysburg, Ohio

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